Access to Kimios from anywhere

Kimios Web Explorer allows users to access Kimios features from a web browser.

This application allows a remote access to all DMS features: view, update, collaborative features, etc.

Kimios Web Explorer is fully compliant with internet standards in order to provide a complete experience regardless of the user's internet browser.

Moreover Kimios Web Explorer comes with a mobile version that allows users to easily access DMS features with their smart phones.

The Kimios Web Explorer is included inside the standard Kimios Bundle.

Download it here.

Kimios directly in your desktop environment

Kimios Explorer is the must-have tool required to access your document repository directly from your favorite applications. Using it, you will optimize your document management, directly from your desktop.

Enhanced experience

Kimios Explorer enhanced the user experience dramatically. Available for all versions of Microsoft Windows (from XP to 8), Kimios Explorer brings to users all the DMS features directly on their Windows desktop. Therefore users are no longer required to change their way of working and then adopt DMS best practices more quickly.

Drag n drop

Kimios Explorer allows users to directly drag and drop files or folders from their desktop to Kimios.

Mass imports/exports
With the import/export module, users can easily import or export a large volume of files or folders without having to use any additional software.

Seamless integrated backup system
Kimios Explorer comes with the Kimios Agent which "observes" the modifications the user makes on documents. Therefore all documents opened from Kimios Explorer and modified with any kind of applications (OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, etc...) are directly saved to Kimios without requiring any extra operation from the user.

Enhanced security
The Kimios Agent also includes a security system that backups modified documents before sending them to the server. The user can then easily access to all previous versions of a document. Therefore traditional problems of client/server architectures are prevented.

Download the Kimios Explorer here.

Brings Kimios features to Microsoft Office

Enhanced collaborative features
Office plugins makes documents checking automatic without requiring any action from the user. After a document is opened it is automatically locked so other users can only access it in read-only mode in order to guarantee the document repository's integrity. 
After the document is closed it is automatically unlocked so other users can modify it.
Microsoft Office metadata integration
Kimios for Office also allows the connection between the metadata from Kimios and the ones issued by Microsoft Office. Therefore the metadata of a document is automatically enriched with the ones from Kimios and directly editable inside the document. This system makes using document templates possible as well as document generation from its metadata.
Simplified version control
Kimios for Office simplifies dramatically the version control system. The user can choose to issue a new version in Kimios at any time while he is modifying a document. This feature is available directly with the Microsoft Office environment and therefore optimizes the document's lifecycle control.
Download Kimios for Office here !