Kimios partnerships plans give you a complete access to valuable Kimios editor resources.

Through different partnerships levels, you will provide precise answers to customers' requirements.

Main benefits are related to:

-       Kimios updates early access. It implies bug fixes, extensions, custom development and integration on demand

-       A professional support provided directly by the editor

-       An improved visibility regarding your business around the Kimios solution, through the community platform

-       Financial advantages on the Kimios offers (training, services, packā€¦)

-       A partner dedicated training program

Two type of partnership can exist:

-       Business partnership

-       Technological partnership


Technological partnerships are built around the integration between Kimios and another solution (Software, API).

Kimios DMS framework eases the document lifecycle management integration inside third parties software, by using standard development interfaces.

More, any external API can be built inside the Kimios kernel, which is highly extensible.

Complexes information and knowledge management system can be built around Kimios.


Business partnerships are based on a precise contract, providing visibility to our partner, along with valuable resources to handle clients' requirements.

We can provide support, to identify, qualify and evaluating your client needs.


Start to benefits from our expertise now ! 

To become a member of the Kimios Partners Network, contact us on We will provide you detailed partnership policy.

TECLIB' is an IT Services company. Its team got expert skills in Open Source solutions engineering. TECLIB' is a privileged partner of DEVLIB', and provides advanced services around the Kimios Document Management System.