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Show Love And Affection - Win A Russian Girl As Your Bride

russian girls

After finding your dream girl and after your relationship blossoms from just a date into a very much serious relationship, you ought to consider marriage. There are certain ways in which you ought to behave during the engagement, wedding ceremony and the interval between them that will show your girl that you actually respect her and love her.

Girls from Russia grow up fast, owing to the political and economical situation in Russia. It forces them to start to work early in life which may be even early as high school. They have to earn to help their families. Many girls, even underage ones work as bartenders or dancers.

They also work in travel industry as it may take them to different countries and cultures and not only the ones they are brought up following. It teaches them the fact that money is not everything and fun is something that does not end at all. However, this does not indicate that they sell their bodies for money and you must never assume this of your date.

These types of girls are just looking for those foreigners who will respect them and also the struggle that they had been through. Western society is filled with women who are considered gold diggers. These women cheat on you and also take off your money as well as your heart. The Russian women are however very much different. They are polite and loyal and do expect the same from you. When you have proven to them that their charm and personality is more important than their looks, you will be already thinking of asking them for their hand in marriage.

Modern Russian tradition dictates that an engagement should last from 2 weeks to 1 year before the marriage takes place. The bridegroom should be responsible for preparing a romantic atmosphere in which to ask her to marry you. The man should also be in possession of the engagement ring until it is time to ask for her hand. Nowadays, it is not nearly as important to get her family’s opinion before the engagement although if it is important to the future bride then it is something you should consider.

After you receive the “yes” you were hoping for, it is time to meet the whole family if you haven’t done this as of yet. You will be expected to be respectful and modest. In Russia if you have a difference in age it will matter so even if you are educated, wealthy, and handsome, you may still encounter problems with the future in-laws. Make sure you do not show a high ego of yourself and be careful of what you say. Many Russians do understand some English although they may not be able to speak it as well. So, any thought that may not be as nice as you want it to be should remain in your head.

Russians are loving and hospitable. Marriage is looked upon as a very precious moment in life of the groom and bride. Wedding ceremonies are conducted in grand manners that may last from two to three days. You must also ensure that you meet with the different family members that include cousins, second cousins and grand parents from across the country for sharing the your happiest of moments with you.

No family member must be neglected they expect you to meet everyone. You must accept loads of kisses and hugs from unknown people, which is their way of showing that they approve of you and like you.

You will have no issues to worry as the bride will be right next to you and tag along. Questions regarding the customs and rituals can be asked without any hesitation. The bride will be happy in explaining it all to you.

Last but not least, enjoy the moment. It will be something to cherish always.

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